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The VA has a food contractor who provides food to vets who are hospitalized and who are in various levels of care at the VA facility in Salisbury, N.C. The food is trucked in from Virginia and is part of a cold/hot process.

Frozen food is put on the tray and heated in a large rolling oven. Nurses and CNAs there say that often 80 percent of the food is not eaten because it is so bad. Some vets are able to go out for food, while others may have family/friends bring it in. Others are not so fortunate and have no choice.

The food is not tasty, is sometimes tough for vets with few/no teeth to chew and is not healthy. My WWII vet father, who is 90, will eat 300-400 percent more food when I take it to him or take him out to eat. The campus cafeteria has been shuddered apparently so the contractor can provide food. Some buildings are in the process of being renovated and will include kitchens where food can be prepared on site.

But how long will it be until the construction is complete and the kitchens are usable? The only one which is being used, that I know of, is at the plush, new hospice unit.

VA staff is aware of the problem, the their hands are tied. Our vets don't care about being thanked for their service - THEY WANT EDIBLE FOOD!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Allow the VA campuses to cook food on site and serve it to the veterans. If kitchens are not available, then develop contracts with local restaurants and catering companies to provide edible and healthy food for vets. .

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