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I am a vet and want others to know how we get treated at VA hospitals and clinics.

Veterans and decorated Vets are suppose to get some respect in the government for their sacrifices.

I know the VA system and say no to wasting money fixing it!! The VA is broken... Shut it down now!! We don't need a wasteful pilot program on loan repayment for foreign incompetent psychiatrist helpers....The VA is full of foreign student doctors who are untrained and unable to speak plain English and don't know our customs etc..Etc.. And won't or can't prescribe vets life saving medicines and regular prescription refills.

Send vets to private care is the only answer! The VA tries to run vets out and get rid of veterans they do not want veterans to deal with.

Va workers in the emergency room and other places flirt with coworkers and try to hook up and take 4hr lunch breaks and worry whats for lunch all morning and bring back 10lbs per person piled up containers of Chinese food and surf *** on their computer all day while vets are dying and laying in floor of emergency room in urine and ***.....That's only the beginning!

I spent 13hrs in emergency room before a single doctor came to look at me. Denise leisure at Indianapolis VA hospital is the biggest abuser of vets with her hate and discrimination badmouthing and disrespecting medal of honor war veterans ....Constantly like their trash.

Call congress and demand better for our vets and demand action and private care for vets.

Hundreds of VA hospitals and clinics cost billions to operate and they fail at everything.

The VA is broken and cannot be fixed ever...

The federal government is useless and not effective or efficient at anything..Wake up America!!

Our vets are suffering,homeless,starving,medicine-less,dying and no one cares!!

Only when we admit this will vets get care!

Reason of review: Tried tokill me and refuse to give life saving meds and now I have severe damages to health with organ failure.

Preferred solution: Pay Damages and provide needed Care.

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I couldn't agree more. I have been insulted many times by doctors most of who, have never served.

I have received great treatment by some individuals as well, but believe me they are far and few between. I went from seeing Mental Health twice a week when I resided in one state, to only being able to be seen every 10-12 weeks in another state due to the lack of doctor's and staff. My conditioned have worsened because of this. Even worse, the closest VA hospital is over 200 miles away and I am unable to drive due to one of my disabilities.

How can my wife take me to the ER when she works full-time. So many veterans get frustrated to the point they give up due to the treatment and the lack of availability to been seen at a V.A. Clinic. This is a very big part of why the suicide rate is so high with Veterans.

They simply can't receive the help they need, and most of the time when they are able to speak to someone from the V.A., they are treated horribly and many times are told they have to wait months to be seen. This even happens when the Veteran speaks of suicidal or homicidal thoughts. I know this may surprise many people, but I speak from experience and also I have witnessed some horrible things with other Veterans. Like I said earlier, not all employees of the V.A.

are like this, some can be great. Good luck finding someone at the V.A. who is not already overloaded with patients or who actually really cares about the individual. They still get paid the same amount as government employees and there jobs are very secure.

Sometimes I truly feel that this is why they act the way they do. Please, more people respond and do anything you can do to make Congress or other offices aware.

Thank you!!

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