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My husband, a Vietnam Veteran, passed away on November 13th, 2016. He was 100 percent service connected for disability.

He was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis caused by agent Orange exposure. On November 8th I made a call to have a nurse come to see him because his condition was worsening. He passed away at home just a few days later from AL Amyloidosis.

This is a letter I just got from the VA. I am beyond shocked at the blatant abuse he went through but this was the icing on the cake.

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I had an atrial fibrolation at the Naples VA clinic in Feb 2017. An abulance was called and i was taken to a local hospital and did not have the afib recorded at the clinic.

I was referred for a week of monitoring and put on axrelto blood thinner. After several chest pain incidents and not seing a cardiologist for 1.5 years my regular provider at the clinic asked for a cardiology appointment thru lee county VA. Cardiology said they only have 1 doctor for 30000 patients and it would be 4 months beforebi could get an appointment unless I wanted to use the Choice program and see a dr outside of VA .?Agreeing to that I was told Choice would contact me within 10 days. Not hearing from Choice for 4?weeks I called them and was told they had no referral for me.

I then proceeded with 24 phone calls the next 2 days leaving many messages that werent returned w lee county cardiology, lee county patient advocate, being told by stnoetersburg scheduling that lee county cardiology should not bevreferring to Choice but to NVCc leaving messages not returned with only person William who could schedule but didnt return messages and they could not give his number irbtell when he might respond told that 11!visits were approved and given wrong contact numbers by patient advocates who finally said they could do nothing and going thru nursing at VISN-8 who said they put out electronic notification to everyone who could help me which resulted in Lee county cardiology calling to say they couldnt do anything and congressman Rooneys local office Albert Griffith not returning voice messsges and cardiology calling after I again contacted my regular provider to say I could have an appointment in 4 days with theVA cardiologist. Total incompetence - do I really want them handling my health care whuch had sometimes been good over the last 20 years?

Chatham, Illinois, United States #1270724

I would send your story to the new president Donald Trump! This is digusting! God bless you!

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