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9 months to get my injured shoulder treated & after I was told to start the process over! NOT!! VA is trying to stall vets so they go to medicare or other out of pocket care programs.....which cost us. HEALTH NET IS WORTHLESS. If the US would stop going to conflicts around the world n stop creating injured vets, things might improve. Add comment

This past year I waited 8 months to get a routine female exam. Then I waited another 9 months to get a referral to an EENT. I injured my knee this past April, went through the Walk In Clinic, saw a provider, had an X-Ray and was put in a knee immobilizer and told orthopedics would be contacting me. I waited a week, no one called, so I called, no one had put a referral in. I waited another 2... Read more

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We had a scheduled appt for yesterday at 1 pm, we showed up at 12 pm, so we got in early. The doctor we were scheduled to see, was not the doctor we saw. Their computer systems were down and the doctor my husband saw, was an indian doctor who belittled hubby so bad, that we're afraid to go back to get our test results. We spoke to a patient advocate, who basically told us that doctor does not... Read more

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Went in for a femoral artery graft on left calf woke up weeks later missing my right foot and having my sex life all but destroyed and being put in pain and a wheelchair for the rest of my life. After years of a system keeping me alive through my addiction years and several VA programs and hospitalizations why am I an Opiate addict today in 2016. I wake up everyday since 07/17/2005 at about three... Read more

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I know I'm crying not just for myself and my treatment but all vet who did what they signed up for and then we all get kicked in the face losing our home pay and everything They want to know why vets kill them self it because of the treatment Why are our children going to the enemy because they see the hard time we are going thur just to get a band aide it's sad Add comment

I want to know how service connected vets can be bumped off the clinic for non connected veterans. I been going to V.A in Gainsville Fl for the past two years with on going retina problems. I receive shots in my eyes for swelling and bleeding once a month. My last visit, Dec 16th,2015 I was informed that they could not see me again until June 13,2016. And that they had to fit other vets into the... Read more

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The VA in Lebanon, Pa. has cause nothing but problem for Me.The Doctor's refuse to listen to Me. Trying to get a second opinion from them is so frustrating. Add comment

I have just recently been discharged (honorably) from the military. I was prescribed certain medications before i departed. When i went to the VA i was taken off of my medicines and told to detox. My current doctor who has prescribed me different medicine had not set up a follow up appointment and neglected to send me refills in an appropriate and timely manner. Why is it difficult for this... Read more

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I was falsely accused for abusing opiates. I was on pain management in Florida before relocating to Madison area in 2012. I requested to get the Morphine sulfate at my request and at same time requested something milder for pain. From June 2015 is when I noticed neck hurting and was told if it got worse to come back. I was told by primary doctor it was against VA policy to prescribe anything and... Read more

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My email is and my name is william.It started when I reported my hud vash worker for filing false reports about me when I was in the hud vash program,they told me that I didnt understand the program,its not hard to understand when she reported that she was making home visits,she wasnt,she was reporting I was getting emergency help such as gas cards,monetary help,and... Read more

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